A written word for Clayton Jennings

A written word for Clayton Jennings

Spiritual malnutrition plagues the church

Starving sheep are out on a search

Here there anywhere for spiritual food

Caring little that it is somewhat crude

Wolves seeking to ravage and devour

Some to crush a young woman’s flower

The wolf is all pomp and primp

Playing the role of an abusive pimp

A narcissist who loves the glamour

With his mirrored image he is enamored

Using all his buttery speech and guile

Evil intent hidden behind a winsome smile

Lure them in with talk of marriage

Then dumps them in the waiting carriage

“Please be sure to take the pill”

As he hands her a $20 bill


She succumbs to his dogged persistence

She imbibes wine at his insistence

The woman, fooled by flattery, style and fame

Is left feeling dirty, worthless and full of shame

She becomes an emotional wreck

Tossed aside like an annoying insect

Turns to her pastor, a man of God

He says “Not sure that he’s a fraud

He is well spoken and well known

I’m not the one to have the whistle blown”

With nowhere to turn with her case

She remembers a man from cyberspace


She calls this man she doesn’t even know

Because she has nowhere else to go

He listens because no one else would

He prays for her as a disciple of Christ should

He wrote a blog to sound the alarm

Clayton said he would do no harm

To the warning pay no heed

Clayton assured there would be no need

To worry about him and his mission

All he was doing was Christ-like fishin’


The man relented took him off the block

Less than a year later Clayton ravaged the flock

More than one sheep fell to his charms

Abused and broken in his arms

The man calls out this man of prey

Clayton’s only mission was women to lay

Down with him in his bed on iniquity

So he could satisfy his sexual promiscuity


The articles are written Clayton exposed

Of all the women he disdainly disposed

Clayton shrugs it off as nothing to see

As he continues to tour with his ministry

The pressure on him continues to mount

As more victims are added to his count

He says he recently made good

To a woman from his childhood

They secretly went away and eloped

That changed nothing as he had hoped


He releases a Facebook post

About sins he claims to regret the most

Nothing about the women he abused

Nothing about how they were used

To satisfy a sexual sinful desire

To use them as women for hire

He postpones his upcoming agenda

Claiming he needs to be with his mentor

He makes a video of a Hollywood style

Decrying his past sins all the while


Clayton claims to having repented

Of all the sins he has lamented

He is on the path of restoration

Another caveat in his lamentation

Behind hat and shadow he cowered

His sycophants praise upon him showered

For being so forthright and strong

But only after he was shown in the wrong

Accusing the man of wanting him crucified

But no, the man wanted to admit he lied

To those women he left in tatters

But his restoration is what truly matters


The image in my head that stuck

Was that of Bug in Uncle Buck

The time comes for his true repentance

Not this fluff that lacks substance

Time to make restitution

With those who seek retribution

May his repentance bear true lasting fruit

And bring him to begin his pursuit

Of a life striving towards holiness

And not one full of celebrity emptiness

Fame brings pride

Which cannot in Christ abide


However the end of the story may come

Answers and confession are needed by some

He abused his place of spiritual authority

To feed his sin of perversity

For Clayton the time is now to never turn back

Confess his sins, repent, and fade to black

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