A Turn to the Left, A Turn for the Worse

We have moved to far to the left of the political center.  This country has moved closer to self-destruction in the last hundred years.  We have taken the lead of the Progressives and they have hooked their finger into the nose ring of this country.  We are not wandering into greener pastures and a better life, we have been led into a wasteland where the grass is brown and the water is dirty and scarce, by design.  We are not improving society by creating more government programs to assist people, we creating a society of dependency and oblivion as we watch mind-numbing reality TV and wait for the next government program that promises to fix all that ails us here.

What has happened?  We have stopped depending on the God of the universe and have attempted to usurp His authority here on His creation.  We always believe we can figure out how to do things better than God can.  Maybe it is because we know that we caused this mess and we are stubbornly stupid to believe we can fix it.  And when we screw things up, we blame God the mess and fallout around us, asking where He is and why He didn’t stop this tragedy from happening.  God is only convenient when it is convenient for us to need him.

This world will continue to fade into black as long as we continue to put human reasoning and use our humanistic enlightenment to manufacture bandages.  Our culture is pathetically lost and we do not even know it.  God’s truth and love is a brightly burning beacon of light that reveals all darkness and lightens the path so we don’t stumble, and are wandering around with flashlights with a beam that does not penetrate past our hands.  We cannot stop the inevitable end of the world because the God who is in control has determined a time when all our rebellion will cease and we will meet our maker.

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