A Plea

Dear Jesus,

Today is my anniversary.  Two years.  My past issues with a wandering mind and wandering lust has crept into my life, once again, nearly destroying my marriage.  I have done considerable damage and I do not know if it can be reversed.  I am asking that you intervene and repair what I have damaged.  It is a huge mess.

I am sure I am not the only one who is having this type of problem.  I am so weak and pathetic, and I cannot determine if it is me or a spiritual attack or probably a little of both.  I believe it is a little of both.  The enemy knows my weakness and has exploited it.  I admit to having a vivid imagination and a weakness for looking, and it has been used to drive a wedge between my wife and me.

Please intercede on my behalf and empower me to overcome my shortcomings and love and desire my wife only.



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