95 Theses against the modern church

The 95 Theses

Against the Modern Day Church

1.       Preach the whole counsel of the gospel.  Anything less is a disservice to the people in your audience, both the believer and unbeliever.

2.      Preach the Law.  The Law of God convicts sinners of their sin that is the purpose of the Law.  It is a standard set by God to demonstrate how far short man falls in regards to His holiness.

3.      Relationship evangelism is not true evangelism.  It is possibly effective but it is not the only means. 

4.      The apostles preached the gospel to mostly strangers.

5.      All of the human race is totally depraved before the Holy God.  Our sin is a gulf unfathomable gulf between us and Him.

6.      All that is wrong in the world is the consequences of our sin.  All sickness, disease, physical disabilities, natural disasters, etc., are a result of sin entering into the world because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God, and ultimately ours.

7.      Define sin.  Sin is an affront to the Holiness of God, a refusal to acknowledge His sovereignty, a rebellion against His Law and the failure to worship Him as we should and especially as He is due.

8.     Stop calling sin “mistakes”.  Sin is not similar to adding bleach to a non-whites load of laundry.  Jesus did not die for our mistakes, oopsies or any other misnomer used to describe sin.  Jesus Christ died for our sins.

9.      Preach repentance.  Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins.  Sinners must repent before the just God.

10.  Jesus did preach repentance.  Before Jesus began teaching about the kingdom of God He preached “Repent, for the Kingdom of God is at hand.”  Repentance is taught throughout the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles.

11.   God is not just a God of love.  He is a Holy God, just, righteous and light.  In Him darkness cannot dwell in which sin must be repented of and Christ’s righteousness has been imputed before one can enter His presence.

12.  Christianity is not inclusive, it is exclusive.  All must acknowledge their sin, repent of their sin and believe in the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.  No one gets to the Father but through Me.”  (John 14:6)

13.  Cease and desist with the sinners’ prayer, the heads bowed and eyes closed.  This not biblical in any sense of the word.

14.  Law and Gospel must be preached together.  Neglecting one or the other is a false gospel.

15.  If a sinner is in one’s church and feels comfortable and not convicted, then there is something wrong with that church.

16.  Cease and desist with life-lesson and life-coaching messages (they cannot be called sermons).  Jesus is not Dr. Phil or Oprah and the Holy Spirit is not Tony Robbins.

17.   Cease and desist with the comedy routines during the preaching of the message.  Read the text, cite the text and cite related texts that enhance the central point of the message.

18.  The bible is not about you or anyone else, it is about Jesus.  We are not any of the bible heroes in the Old Testament.  We are not Davids who need to slay our Goliath problems.  Any message that deviates from Christ is either a pep-talk or a self-improvement message, not a sermon.

19.  Women are forbidden by scripture to speak from the pulpit.  This is not a man-made rule or tradition.  It is an edict from God.

20. The bible is not a collection of proof-text verses.  It is false teaching to preach a man-made and man-centered doctrine and then use bible verses out of context to buffer the false teaching.

21.  The social gospel is not gospel at all.  It will save no one.

22. The social gospel can only lead to anger or discontentment towards God for any perceived injustice, and self-righteousness and arrogant piety towards other Christians.

23. We cannot change culture by infiltrating culture as Christians.  Only the gospel can change a person’s heart.

24. Promising a blessing from God for a seed-faith offering is an abomination before God.

25. Speaking gibberish and baby talk is not a secret language of God.  It solely the machinations of a depraved mind to impress upon people their piety and spirituality.

26. People are not infused with an anointing from God to heal miraculously as Jesus and the Apostles did during their ministry.  These people are frauds, charlatans and false teachers, anti-Christs.

27.  God is not manipulated by anything that we do or say.  He will not act simply because we recite a certain prayer in a certain way. 

28. The Holy Spirit is not a genie in a bottle.  He is the third person on the Holy Trinity and is to be revered as such.

29. Grave soaking is an abomination from hell.  No one except Christ has been anointed by God.  No one.

30. No one is not called up into heaven and then sent back to earth to share a message about the existence of heaven.

31.  Cease and desist waiting for the still small voice of God to speak to you.  God does not whisper in the wind.

32. We are not “little gods”.  We do not have the same creative power as God as to speak into being our wants and desires.

33. A ten percent tithe is legalism.  God loves a cheerful giver.

34. Praying is not a lottery ticket or a pull-arm on a slot machine.

35. Jesus is not your romantic lover.  He will not leave a trail of rose petals that leads one into a secluded glade in an enchanted forest.

36. Emotional highs due to extended “worship” songs make people spiritual junkies.  The experience causes people to seek out more such experiences and leads them away from God, not towards Him as they are deceived to believe.

37.  Jesus did not die to make us rich, give us a better job, fix our problems and our relationships, and help us move into a dream house.

38. We do not have a dream destiny.

39. God does not have a special purpose for each and every one in His creation.  His love is for those who have been adopted into His family.

40. One is not the apple of God’s eye if one is still in their sin.

41.  Celebrity “pastors” do not need multi-million dollar mansions, private jets, exclusive hotels and fleets of cars to share the gospel. 

42. Good works are not proof that God is working in a ministry.  If that were true then secular corporations and agencies that do charity work could make the same claim.

43. A large church is not proof that God is blessing that church.  It is mostly evidence that people like that “pastor” and like giving their money to that “pastor”.

44. Volunteering in the church is not a sign of spiritual maturity.

45. Volunteering in the church is not a way to earn points with God.

46. Being involved in the church is not a means unto salvation.

47.  Performing good works in the community is not the same preaching the gospel.  Performing a good work in the community generally only produces warm feelings toward that particular church.  It is not a means of making disciples.

48. Church is not for the unchurched.  It is a place for believers to meet to be refreshed by and with other believers.

49. The gospel is not about a relationship with Jesus.  Without regeneration, repentance, faith and belief in the salvific work of Jesus Christ we cannot have a relationship with God.

50. Unbelievers have no expectation to have their prayers answered unless it is in relation to their salvation.

51.  Miracles do not happen every day.  A miracle is an occurrence where the natural laws are suspended and God intercedes in a supernatural way.  All matters that happen unexpectedly are due to the providence of God.

52. Ecumenism is not to be strived for.  Unity for the sake of unity is neither biblical nor profitable.

53. Mormons are not Christians.  They are a cult who preach a different Jesus and completely different doctrine.  Their good works and morals do not make them Christians.

54. The Roman Catholic Church has not changed its position regarding the tenets of the Reformation in the last 500 years.  The pope is an antichrist.

55.  The canon of the bible is closed.  God is not giving anyone anywhere at any time special revelation.  What we have, the sixty-six books of the bible is all we need to preach, teach, understand and know as much as we can about our Creator and Savior.

56. The bible is sufficient as is.  It is the perfect word of God to be used to disciple, rebuke and discern matters of false doctrine and teaching.

57.  The scriptures are the Holy writ of God and should be treated with reverence.  The Father chose to condescend and communicate to us in a way we could understand.

58. The bible is a historical document with historical facts and can be understood literally where the text dictates such an understanding.

59. The bible will always trump science.  If there is a conflict between the bible and science, always believe what the Word of God says.  The Word of God does not need to be reconciled with science.

60. Creation happened in six literal 24 hour days.  Theistic evolution, Gap Theory or any variation of the creation account is in conflict with the bible.

61.  It does not matter that Genesis chapter 1 is written in a poetic style of writing.  This was a unique occurrence in the history of the world, a magnificent display of the power of the Living God, it is appropriate that the Holy Spirit inspired Moses to use poetic form.

62. In the original text, Genesis was not separated into sections or chapters.  Chapter 1 flowed into chapter 2 and 3.  Chapters 2 and 3 provide definitive details of the creation account.

63. Belief in the literal interpretation of the creation account is an act of faith (Hebrews 11:1-3) and is a component and matter of belief in regards to the plan of salvation.

64. Salvation is a work of faith alone.  We have no part in our salvation save that our sins make it necessary.

65. Works are not necessary for our salvation.  Works are a product of our faith and salvation and are performed for the glory of God.

66. Not all people will be saved.  Some will go to hell.

67.  Hell is a real destination for some who choose not to believe in Christ.  The earth and heaven are both destined for destruction.

68. God speaks through His written word which the Holy Spirit uses to instruct Christ’s disciples.

69. Sola Scriptura, scripture alone.

70. Sola fidelis, faith alone.

71.   Sola gratia, grace alone.

72.  Sola Christus, in Christ alone.

73.  Sola Deo Gloria, for the glory of God alone.

74.  Jesus Christ is the sufficient sacrifice, the Lamb of God, whose shed blood was more than enough to pay for our sins.

75.  When Christ said “It is finished” the Father’s wrath was satisfied.  Nothing more is necessary for our salvation.

76.  Exposit and exegete the scripture one verse at a time.  Teach all that the bible has to be taught, in season and out of season.

77.  Our sins were imputed onto Christ on the cross.  He is our propitiation.  He who knew no sin became sin for our sake.

78. Christ’s righteousness was imputed onto believers at the moment of belief.  Those who believe in Christ are now right before God.  He is our Mediator and we need no other, no dead saints or Mary.

79.  The truth of the gospel will offend, and should offend, no matter nicely it is packaged.  We are proud in our rebellion against God and do not want to be told we are sinners and are accountable to God for our acts of sin and rebellion.

80.The pastor of the church is not the only person responsible for sharing the gospel and making disciples.  It is the responsibility of all believers.

81.  Christians are to be loving and charitable in all ways and means.  Christ died for us while were in rebellion against His Father to show His love for the Father and for us.  We are to live in humility and gratitude.

82. Forgiveness of grievances against us is a commandment.  We are to forgive anyone who sins against us.

83. Church attendance is a commandment.  We are to gather together to sing hymns and praises to God, hear instruction from pastor divined from the written word of God and minister to one another’s needs.

84. We must partake of the elements of communion.  It is a memorial and a commandment.

85. Truth matters as the Holy Spirit has laid it out in the bible.  God is the owner of all truth and it is never to be determined by what is relevant in the culture.

86. We are to expect pain, emotional hurt and persecution in this life on account of the name of Jesus Christ.

87. We are enemies with God, at enmity with Him.  Without becoming at peace with (Romans 5:1) we cannot expect to receive the peace of God.

88. God does not need to reason with us.  He is sovereign over all His creation and does not our input and He does not need to explain why bad things happen to us.

89. We cannot make a decision for Jesus.  We do not have free will.  We are free to choose and if not for the work of the Holy Spirit we would never choose God.  The Holy Spirit and the intervention of God on our behalf enable us to choose God.

90. We are to submit to spiritual leadership God has set over us.  The only situation that dictates otherwise is if the leadership is on the road to false teaching and apostasy.

91.  We are to practice discernment.  We are to be Bereans and check that what is taught squares with what is written in the word of God.

92. Discernment is a necessary good for the church.  The church needs people who are able to expose and explain false teaching.

93. Polemics is a necessary good for the body of Christ.  Some sound teachers can at times be wrong about a doctrinal matter or a matter of Christian liberty or the role of the body in the culture.

94. Doctrine matters.

95. He is an awesome God who, for His glory and His glory alone, provided a means of salvation.  We are insignificant and worthless without His grace.  Teaching otherwise is an affront to His Holiness.

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