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Jesus did not want cowards and wishy-washy followers.  He did not want people who were sprouted of the seed that landed in the rocky soil, the road or among the weeds.  He wants those who are of the good soil.  Jesus said a lot of challenging things that caused a lot of those who were witnesses to and partakers in His ministry and miracles.

These megachurch preachers are teaching a watered-down message somewhat related to the bible, like a distant cousin, forty times removed.  They are sprinkling their messages with bible verses and Christian lingo so it appears to be truly from God but it is far from what the bible teaches, and very far from God.

Throughout the gospels Jesus taught about His Father.  He taught about how the way we live is completely opposed to His Father, in that we fail to recognize and understand His sovereignty over external things and internal things.  He taught His Father was approachable but not until our sin was dealt with, that we were washed clean so that we can to enter into His throne room.

The Father is concerned with our daily physical needs.  He cares for the birds of the air and the beasts of the field, and the flowers that bloom in their season.  He cares to send rain in the proper time for the harvest.  How much more does He care for us since we are made in His image?

But He was infinitely more concerned about our internal (spiritual) needs.  Jesus did not come primarily to teach about the Father and to train His disciples for the ministry after He had fulfilled the purpose of His being born.  He was born to die for the sins of the world and to bring life to that that was dead.

If we are to be those who daily pick up our cross and follow Jesus then we are to accept all of His teachings.  We are to accept the teachings that tell us that the Father cares for us more than the any other part of His creation.  We are to accept Jesus’ teaching that we dead in our sins and we need to be made righteous before the Father or Hell is where we are destined to spend eternity.

We are also to accept His claims about Himself.  We are to accept His claims to be the only Son of the Living God, that He was the manna in the wilderness for the nation of Israel, and that He is the only way into Heaven.  No one can get to the Father except through Him.  Through Him means through the blood He shed as the Passover Lamb for our sins, our propitiation as our High Priest, and His advocacy on our behalf as He sits at the right hand of His, and our, Heavenly Father.

In short, we are to believe what is easy to believe and also what is difficult believe, about what Jesus teaches about us and about Himself.

emotion overload

A sermon was preached recently and the final point from the pastor was that God wants our hearts, not our heads (as if we could effectively separate the two).  There are so many things wrong with the point.  It is really illogical in that it makes no sense to only interact with anyone with just your heart, never mind love anyone, and not involve some type of thought or consideration.  It is not only illogical but virtually impossible.  But why would God or His Son Jesus only want just one part of us?

We see the obvious conclusion when Jesus is asked what the greatest commandment is.  He to love the Lord your God with all you heart, mind, soul and strength, and the second is to love your neighbor.  These two sum up all of the Law of Moses.  Jesus included the mind, which is located in the head.  So why would Jesus include the mind if all He believed He needed was our heart?  How can we understand Him, His statutes and His teachings if we do not use our heads?

The other part is probably more critical.  An illustration is needed which is how I explained it to my wife.  When you start a new relationship with a person that has the intention of romance what rules the relationship in the beginning?  The heart.  You cannot wait to see the person again, to spend hours talking about nothing and everything.  And then the emotions begin to fade away.  Now you need to make a decision.  Do I stay with this person or move on to ride the next emotional wave?  You must admit that you must use your head to make this decision because I think we all have learned that we should not make decisions with just our hearts, or with just our head for that matter, certain disaster 95% of the time.

When the emotions become dominant in our walk of faith with Christ we become spiritual junkies going from conferences to revival meetings seeking that next emotional fix.  We cannot sustain a relationship on just the emotional rush because we would become burned out and exhausted, and jaded towards the cause of that emotional rush.

We must engage the heart and mind if we are to worship and serve our Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus our Lord and Savior and King, and the Holy Spirit.  That is the true essence of worship of a true believer in Christ.  We are shortchanging God and our own person if we neglect to incorporate all of us in our relationship with the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.