righteous anger

Someone asked me when we should turn the other cheek. This is a complicated issue.  This was a follow-up to why did Jesus not defend Himself against the false accusations of the Pharisees before the Sandedrin and Pilate.  I told the person that in that situation it a singular circumstance.  It was necessary for Him to suffer as the Messiah for the sake of our sins.  He certainly could’ve defended Himself, as He said to Peter, when he cut the ear off the servant, that if He was to be spared of the crucifixion He could call to His Father who would send angels to fight for Him.

So the next question was when do we turn the other cheek as followers of Christ? Interesting question I said because the person was trying to figure out why I would be angry if I was accused of doing something I didn’t do.  If I am accused of something that only affects me then I should turn the other cheek.  But if it has a residual effect or causes collateral damage then I should defend myself because it could affect my position with other people, like business partners, clients, sons, daughters, etc.

What about physical violence? Again, if it is against my physical person for the sake of the name of my Lord then I am to endure whatever happens.  But if it is a case of me being a victim of a crime or in defense of others then I am at liberty to defend myself and others against the attacker.

The person then asked when is it right to be angry or when does the bible say it is right to be angry? I answered that we are to be passionate about our defense against those who are set out to distort the Word of God.  We are to expose the teachings of those who are deliberately deceiving people for the sake of their own selfish gain through deceptive interpretation of bible passages.  We are to defend the honor of God and our Lord, not that He could not do it on His own but we are His ambassadors and it is our responsibility represent and defend our King.

So, the short answer is that we are to defend against those who attack the defenseless or weaker people, and defend the Holiness of God against heretical teachings and people who seek to gain material wealth and power over people.