Commentary on comments

I like to read articles about controversial topic. I especially love reading the comments that are posted in response to the article. I recently read one about a Colorado Christian baker who lost a court case because he did not want to violate his biblical beliefs. A gay couple asked him to bake a cake for their wedding and he refused, stating that he believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. He did not want to appear to be endorsing something he did not agree with. As usual with LGBT people, they took him to court. This was third decision that did not go in his favor. He was told, by the state, that he had to violate his personal beliefs for business reasons. His religious freedom has been disregarded for alleged discrimination.

The comments at the end of the article are sometimes more enlightening than the article itself. I don’t mean to say that the comments shed more light on the topic, they usually do the opposite. What is really eye-opening is the lack of understanding of what the bible states, from people on both sides of the issue. One person commented that God hates homosexuals and that they are all going to hell, because God hates homosexuals. Another replied that if we are all God’s children, and if God loves all His children, then why would He hate any of them or send them to hell? And then it answered with that it is in the bible, that the bible says that God hates homosexuals. Then the typical response was used that the bible was written by men, not by God, so how can anyone say that it is God’s words that are in the bible because He didn’t physically write the words. No wonder why people think Christians are ignorant.

We, as Christians, need to be able to be articulate and capable of defending the bible and what it teaches. It does not say anywhere that God specifically hates homosexuals, or any other kind of sinner. It does say that God hates sin, and we all sin. He is a God of love but, more importantly, He is a holy God and His Holiness demands a reckoning in regards to His law. Love is only one of His many attributes but love is not His defining attribute. His holiness is because all of His attributes flow from His holiness. He hates sin and loves His children, but He cannot accept unrepentant sinners into His heavenly kingdom. That would be a violation of holiness.

Now, one other comment that I wanted to comment on was the same person suggesting that God come down from Heaven and clarify His position on homosexuality. He already has presented His position on homosexuality, quite clearly in several places. If the person is unwilling to accept the written word of God then what makes that person believe that he would believe God if He came from heaven? He already did when Jesus came into this world. God doesn’t need to beg and plead so that we understand. His word will always stand and we either believe it or we don’t. If you want to read about a self-righteous person who believed he deserved an answer from God about some injustice done to him that he thought unfair then read the book of Job, especially the end, and one might get some sense of what God thinks about His need to explain Himself to His creation.

The Father has laid it all out already. If you don’t believe the bible then believe what you see around you in the earth. It points to a Person who much greater that any of us.