A Failure

Dear Jesus,

I feel like a failure.  I really cannot explain why it is but I feel I fail at everything.  Everything I seem to do is a complete and utter failure.  Why is it all happening now?  Today?  I feel useless and weak.  And powerless.

Again, please help me.


Man’s Rewriting of Godly Topics

I just watched a movie, the recent remake of Frankenstein.   So a reanimated corpse is becomes a lynchpin, a player in eternal battle between demons and angels stationed on earth.  Because he has no soul he has some special ability to be able to kill angels and demons.  Demons don’t need special weapons to hurt angels but angels need special weapons to hurt demons.   And there are more demons than there are angels.  And I am  completely puzzled.

A dead man alive becomes the protector of humans.  Out there, unseen, in the shadows, fighting the demons who seek to conquer mankind.  A man who is neither good or bad but somehow is able to fight for the good.  Able to think and able to choose good over evil.  One who can determine which is good and which is evil.  If he has no soul then the blueprint of good and evil is not within him.  Isn’t that where God placed His law?  So, if the fantasy of a dead man without a conscience is possible, then what is next?

Now can this be carried to Jesus?  Perhaps the disciples did steal Jesus’ body and were able to reanimate the his corpse through some freak electrical storm.  Perhaps they placed His body in the dead sea during a lightning strike, timing it just right to jolt life back into His body.  That is how they were able to fool everyone into believing Jesus rose from the dead.  I think I have stumbled onto the sinister plan of the apostles.

But that is not possible.  A dead person cannot be given life.  Life means thinking, reasoning, feeling, loving, and worshiping.  See, life is only possible through God.  He is the Giver of life.  He breathed life into our body, and we then severed that lifeline.  Now we were dead men walking, appearing animate but were ultimately dead.  Then Jesus came and He died, but then He became alive again.  And through him we have become reanimated towards our Creator.

January 10, 2015

I have to take issue with a song I have just listened to recently, although it has been around for several years.  It talks about a Christian’s role regarding peace and war.  The song talks about loving my enemies, even in war, because they are a lost sinner like me.  The song writer implies that we should be peaceful regardless of the situation, and that if we agree in principle that war is necessary then we are going against a commandment of God, thus sinning.  That is not necessarily true.

We are to love our enemies and pray for them, and repay evil with good in order to heap burning coals on their head.  I believe the statement regarding loving our enemies is meant to be understood on an individual basis. This does not apply to a government and its army.  We are to try diplomacy as far as it will go before we react with military action.  We cannot take the army from a single unit of many people and individualize it.  It does not work that way.  Jesus understood this when He said there would be wars and rumors of wars leading up to the time of His Return.

In the secular sense, the United States would not be a nation if our forefathers did not fight against the British.  The Germans could have taken over Europe, twice, if not for the resistance of the Allies. Kuwait would not be free. Iraq and Afghanistan would still be producing terrorists to attack Americans and our allies.  The problem with war today is there is too much political consideration when military actions are considered.  This is what prolongs the war.

In the biblical sense, Jesus did not tell the Centurion to retire from the Roman army after he healed his servant.  John the Baptist did not tell the soldiers to resign from the Roman army.  Paul did not tell the prison guard to resign from his duty either.  Don’t forget all the battles in the Old Testament because God did not fight all of them.  What is forgotten is the that we are all evil, not good.  There will be others who will take advantage of those who don’t fight.  Turning the other cheek works on an individual level, but on a larger scale it behooves people to fight against those who want to dominate others.

Some are called to a life of peace and serving others, while some are called to combat those who embrace their sin and desire to use greater force to impose their will.  God used armies to bring judgment on civilizations, including His chosen people, Israel.  Peace will never come until the Prince of Peace makes His Return.

Don’t be fooled, Part 4

But what puzzles me the most is that these people are willing to give up their freedom.  These bureaucratic programs disguised as forms of government compassion take away our freedom as taxpayers and impede the freedom of those they are supposed to benefit.  Taxpayers are unable to be free to spend as they wish because the government is taking more money from them.  The recipients  of these benefits are trapped in a cycle of government dependence, unable to improve their situation because they are blinded by their government stipend and given no incentive to excel.

And they oppose acts by the government that would protect our freedom by exposing those who hate our freedom and seek to destroy it.  They believe that by targeting the people who may have ties to terrorist organizations, and probably do in most cases, we cannot do it.   That government intrusion is not right, but entirely wrong.  Government intrusion into my paycheck is perfectly acceptable but protecting my freedom to spend what is left by apprehending and stopping potential terrorists is wrong?  That’s messed up.

These beatniks have a twisted perspective of freedom.  It is their instinct to fight against anything that comes from God.  As Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence, our freedom is a God-given right, not a government privilege.  The government’s sole purpose is protect our freedom.  Protect it from enemies within and from without.  The Left believes in their ability to decide for the rest of us what is best for us.  They believe they can act as gods.  They believe that they are the new Pantheon of gods relocated from Mount Olympus to the Washington D.C.

Their goal, as I have stated before, is enslavement of the rest of us in their programs of compassion which will lead into their fantasy, absolute power because we gave it to them.