Don’t be fooled, Part 1

Don’t be fooled by the political left’s rhetoric.  They are after one thing and it has been their purpose since the Progressives started entering politics over 100 years ago.  They tell us that their policies are for our benefit.  The government needs welfare to give to those who don’t have enough, Medicare for the old who can’t afford health care costs, social security benefits for those with physical and mental problems that won’t allow them to work, and so on and so forth.  Obamacare will be the straw that broke the camel’s back and wake people up.

There are two things at play here, one is the denial of the need of a God, and the other is a drive for power.  Not just the power that comes from the Oval Office or the floors of Congress, absolute power over everything.  They have made millions of Americans dependent on funds from the government.  There are so many things they do that I will focus on them in future blogs, if I have the time.  We just need to actually listen to what they are saying and consider the future impact of their policies.

One thing I want to talk about is the Left’s constant battle against Conservatives.  It is not that the Left is really against  Conservative policies, because they have benefited from them, but it is what those policies could do to their powerbase.  The Left wants people subservient to their policies, dependent on them, so that the recipients will continue to vote them into office.  True conservative policies will only empower these people to become active participants in the workforce and eliminate the need for government assistance.

We need to understand what the Left really is: a group of narcissistic people who have only earned income through government positions and want to keep that way,  They believe they deserve high salaries paid from either taxes or a position in an institution with zero responsibility.  They see the wealthy with jealousy.  The Left doesn’t want to work for their money so they get elected, attack those who have financially succeeded and get paid through the higher taxes the wealthy have to pay.  They complain about how the opposing party, when in power, helps their rich friends by lowering the taxes on the wealthy.  But they are just as bad.  Obama has subsidized his friends through “green” energy ventures that went belly-up.  The only thing green about them was the taxpayer money they pocketed.

The Left is power hungry.  In another blog, I will argue that some of the things that are going on are have an underlying purpose, and that if the American public only knew about it the Left would never be voted into office again.

January 3, 2015

My brother and I were talking about how some large, mainstream churches don’t have crosses anywhere in the church.  Both of us seem to have a problem with this.  The reason they provide is because they want people to be comfortable and not offended by anything in the church.  The service itself seems more like entertainment than worship service.  I’m not saying the pastor of these churches don’t love the Lord, but the Cross is supposed to be controversial, and confrontational.

The reason people are offended by the cross is they are confronted by a choice.  Everyone who sees and hears the message of the cross understand that they have to make a decision.  They have to decide if the work done on the cross is what the bible claims it is.  They understand, consciously or unconsciously, that they are accountable for their lives and will be judged accordingly.  They are confronted with their sin, as I am every time I see the cross, and don’t like what they see, and they don’t want to be judged.  That’s why the cross is offensive.  It’s what it means, what happened for all of mankind throughout history, and what judgment they will face.

The cross is meant to be offensive and confrontational because it convicts me of my fallen nature, and how unworthy and undeserving I am to receive the grace, mercy and love God has bestowed upon me.  I have to confess I am worthy to be judged on my own merit and cannot measure up to God’s standards.  As it has been said, the cross bridges the gap between God and myself, and only the cross of Jesus can make that possible.

January 2, 2015

Something occurred to me today.  I have been reading and hearing a lot of people talk about the lack of personal responsibility.  The study of Nehemiah talked about me taking responsibility for my sin, and accepting the consequences of my sins.  It got me to thinking how did we get to this type of attitude?  It started with the invention of the Theory of Evolution, continued with the humanistic movement, and established by the institution of the Nanny/entitlement state policies of FDR.

Scientists like Stephen Gould and Dr. Freud latched onto evolution because they were desperate to believe there was no God, and thus we humans were not accountable to how we lived our lives.  They believed this theory released them from any responsibility of the way they lived.  They believed they were free, and turned evolution from a theory, to a philosophy, then to a religion.  There is no scientific data to support evolution, just misinterpretations and misrepresentations, and invented sub-theories to explain the unexplainable.  Instead of freeing them, they became trapped and sounded like intellectual morons.

This lead to a humanistic view of man, that man is basically good in their very nature.  I believe that this humanistic view then lead to the policies of a nanny government.  They seemed to believe that since man is basically good, then the government of men should take of everyone.  Over the last 80 years this has turned the people of the US into a mindset of irresponsibility and entitlement (never mind that the government is setting a poor example by using the policy of deficit spending).  People irresponsibly took on home loans, credit card debt and auto loans they couldn’t afford, and they expect all of us to pay for their mistakes.

God holds me responsible for my sins.  He provided a way for us to have that debt paid.  It is my responsibility to express our gratitude by not only giving Him worship, praise and the glory He deserves, but also living my life as a responsible person of the Kingdom.  I should be setting an example for the unbeliever by living with self-control in all aspects of my life, not just on Sundays.  This is an area I need to focus on and turn into a lifestyle