About Me And Why This Site

I am sure you may be wondering what this website is about.  That’s a good question.  Let me introduce myself.  My name is Michael Hall, or Mike if you’re not angry with me, and I live in the New England, the cold ash-heap of Christianity.  The moniker, Tor’n A. Sunder, is meant to express how I think and feel about the present state of Christianity and how it pertains to the future path it is headed on.  I am broken about the lack of desire or concern for godliness and holiness and the blurring of the line of the biblical definition of those terms and man’s redefining of those terms so that he feels more comfortable about himself.

I am not entirely sure how it came about but I guess I have been thinking about doing this for a few years.  Too much goes on in my head and my heart and I really do need to express it and this site is my vehicle for that.  I know for certain that this blogging site, or maybe it is an internet diary since I don’t always write about recent news stories, for me is long overdue.  I will provide a short autobiography and a follow up as to what my hope is regarding the writings I post here.

I am a born-again Christian.  I am a sinner saved by the grace and mercy of God.  The Father sent His Son to die for the sins of the world, and I was chosen by Him to receive His redemption from the hell I deserve for transgressing His holiness.  But I am not a saint and I am certainly far from perfect.  I don’t go to church just because I should, I go because I need to go.  I am saved but I have not achieved perfection.  I struggle with the desires of the flesh, the desire to indulge my impulse to sin.  I need the power of my Lord everyday, and anyone who reads my blogs has the same need I have, Jesus.

But why “sinical optimist”?  Because I am.  I think a more appropriate title for me is optimistic realist.  I understand, far too well, the plight of man and the pervasive sin that is present in God’s creation.  We can deny it doesn’t exist, deny the existence of God, and continue to move about this world with blinders on because it would take blindness to not see the effects of sin.  I see all this and the willful ignorance regarding it, even within the church.  I see all this and still believe revival can come and take hold of this country.  I believe the church can become vibrant again and become relevant.

I have been writing blogs of a sort for a few years, only I have been sending them to some friends of mine to read and no one else.  I have entered some into writing contests and lost, and been disappointed by the articles that won.  I think in part that is why I began this page.  I feel like Jeremiah sometimes.  I feel the words burning inside of me and I might explode if I do not put them out there somewhere, somehow.  I do not do this for money or fame.  I do it because I do not believe I cannot not do it anymore.

I don’t believe I am any more profound or smarter or cleverer or whatever else.  I do not believe I am writing anything new or hasn’t been said before.  I also believe that I am writing things that people are already thinking but just are not expressing them.  We have become a hypersensitive society that cringes and lashes out when a simple truth hits too close to the mark.  Being angry and outrageous trumps common sense, personal responsibility and personal accountability.  I guess I believe that what I post is what needs to be read, but for a majority of what I write I am speaking to myself because I need to hear it, too.

I will write about a lot of topics, including sports, politics, religion, the church, whatever I want to write about.  I get a lot of my information from Christian news sites, Fighting for the Faith.com is a good source, and other discernment sites who decided to defend the faith.  And some of it is just from my own observations.  One day I will post links to these sites that I visit.  You can agree or disagree.  All I ask is you respect my right to express my opinion and respectfully consider my point before blasting away.

My prayer is always that I write my blogs with clarity and that each one will cause at one person to pause and think, because we do not do enough of our own thinking in our current culture.  It almost seems that we have become lazy thinkers and are willing to allow others to do it for us and then tell us what to think.  Do your own thinking because I plan on doing my own and sharing it with you.  I am not asking you think as I do, only develop your own thoughts.

And finally, I believe that the bible and what the bible teaches is relevant at every point in time in history.  A lot of people feel the bible is antiquated because it was completed almost 2,000 years ago.  There are two constants evident in the world and the bible since the fall of man, the second has three parts.  The first is that God is simple in nature, which means that He is incapable of changing by His very nature, and His holiness demands perfection to His standard, the Mosaic Law.  The second constant is that we are sinners because we utterly unable (and unwilling) to meet His standard, we are always rebelling against God in ever increasingly inventive ways, and we are in desperate need a Redeemer.  The bible always directs us to these two constants and common person of the two, Jesus, which is why it will always be relevant.